Our story

At Art Partner, we specialize in curating enchanting ballet and contemporary dance experiences that captivate audiences across the EU and beyond. Since our inception in 2016, we have been at the forefront of the industry, collaborating with over 30 prestigious venues throughout Europe and the region.

What makes Art Partner special is our ability to break established patterns and place art in a completely new context. Our work centers on producing and promoting unforgettable cultural events, from dance performances to exhibitions and opera gala evenings. We want to enrich the community in which we perform by creating exceptional artistic performances that inspire, educate, and entertain the audience with their content, and, at the same time transform the cultural landscape for younger generations.

We want to become synonymous with cultural events in the region, making art accessible to everyone and an integral part of the life of every community. Our goal is to create lively cultural traditions and an environment where creativity and social responsibility come together, fostering innovation and creativity as key drivers of action, and setting new standards in the quality and originality of events.


We are proud to present the artists who dance under our Art Partner brand, and to nurture their talents and passions to provide unforgettable experiences through dance performances that are equally relevant and inspiring for all generations.

It is precisely through cooperation with world-class artists that we want to reshape how art is perceived, especially among young people, and through our performances we wish to stimulate emotions that leave a lasting impression.

Siniša JosipovićCEO